Fire Safe Zone is a fun, educational interactive board game developed to address the specific needs of children who misuse fire.

Fire Safe Zone is an interactive, fire safety board game developed for children ages 6 – 12 who misuse fire. Firesetting children who play with fire or matches can play this educational game to learn about choices, talk about feelings and make good decisions. Fire Safe Zone can be played with children individually, with small groups and with families. In addition to fire safety, this game encourages children to talk about feelings, practice decision making skills and make connections between behavior and consequences.

Fire Safe Zone is a resource for:

  • Fire department workers
  • Special education teachers
  • Mental health workers
  • Parents and guardians with a child who has misused fire

Fire Safe Zone will teach children:

  • Social skills
  • Fire and match safety
  • Home escape plan preparedness, smoke alarm use
  • To learn about and make good choices


How to play Fire Safe Zone:

Children begin at the fire hydrant and move along the colorful fire hose, responding to topic cards and earning chips along the way. Players may be sent forward or backward on the basis of board game spaces or cards which focus on the consequences of safe and unsafe choices. When a player reaches the fire house, all players count their chips and the player with the most chips wins! Interventionists have found Fire Safe Zone a welcome tool in helping them to discuss important issues of safety and problem solving with children and families.


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